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Vol. III, Issue #4 - December 2015

** SOM Baseball Cards with Tom Nahigian
      (thanks to our friend Tom Nahigian and his complete collection of SOM Baseball Cards we go
       back into the past to share some of the first cards issued by the game company!!)

(Notes from the Wolfman: In January of 2013, our first issue, we introduced a quiz of our members related to specific questions linked to any of the SOM Baseball cards ever printed. Specifically we were asking about unique aspects of the cards related to the performance of the players.  However, because only a few people, like our good friend Tom Nahigian (who is highlighted in this article), have the full collection of the cards ('The Collector' as Glenn Guzzo called him in his book on Strat), the responses to our quizzes dwindled to nothin' eventually.  So to celebrate Tom's birthday in June of 2013 and then again in the August issue of that year, we shared the image of a few of the cards that SOM printed in 1960 (just an All Star set) and then 1961 as well (an all star set and the top two teams in each league).  I thought again, for his issue we might take a peek again at some of these amazing early version of the Strat Basell cards -- to view how the baseball game has evolved so much in the 50+ years of its existence. Some key features of the existing version of the game (just considering the basic side of the cards today) had not been developed yet as we look at some more cards from 1961.

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter - Tom Nahigian, Collector of all Strat Baseball Cards I first met Tom in person when I visited my father in Chicago in 2005. At this time I was living in Holland and usually once a year I would come home to be back in the U.S.  Now in April of 2013, we did an interview with Tom, you might remember if you have been our member since then. However if not, to learn more about this personal good buddy and fellow SOM fanatic, and how he was able to create his collection, check out this interview using the link shown below.









What did the Baseball Cards Look Like in the First Years?
(shared by Tom Nahigian, starting back in 2013, as we slowly share these cards )

1961 Based Cards
(More card images from the 1961 Yankees and Dodgers - Hitters)

New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers

(Again in 1961, no fielding ratings or X chart existed plus the results shown in
lower case for outs and getting on base [hits/walks/errors] is capitalized)

Note from the Wolfman: We again want to thank Tom for his help to allow our members for this rare view into the history of the development of how the baseball cards have evolved over time. Of course there are modernized versions (card sets) of these early seasons that the game company now offers along with the computer rosters.  Again, as we mentioned in the July issue (2015), the mysterious GROUNDBALL E (showing up on a result of 3 or 11 on the cards or a dice roll chance of 2 out of 108) found on both the hitter's cards and pitcher's cards and a FLYBALL E (showing up on 2 or 12 on the cards or a dice roll chance of 1 out of 108) on the hitter's cards only are automatic errors (since there were no X-ratings yet for the card).  The GROUNDBALL E was a one base error (but the error wasn't credited to any fielder) and a FLYBALL E was a two base error (again not accredited to any outfielder). Just very interesting to see the format of the early cards aye?


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Contained inside this exciting issue of Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter:
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  INTERVIEW with MARC PELLETIER, another well known and successful strat baseball gamer in the on-line version of the baseball game offers us insights from his genius.

  STRAT WISE with MARC WASSERMAN -- commissioner of the Cyber Baseball Association (CBA) continues his new column sharing various perspectives on SOM Baseball. In this issue he discusses about the Miscellaneous Rules in the computer game (to use or not to use), some special new videos on our Video Channel on Youtube, the fielding ratings given out by the game company and more.

  ARTICLE with DOUG BRUNET, another member of our newsletter shares his thoughts about the game of baseball and its connections with Strat-o-matic as well as his philosophies of how to succeed in your game play. Doug is a member of the CBA Council, a computer baseball league.

  ARTICLE with CHUCK TINKLER (Part II), a continuation of the article by Chuck, one of our members sharing about a real Strat Master that he met in his early days of playing Strat-o-matic

  SOM BASEBALL LEAGUE REPORT with WOLFMAN SHAPIRO -- the editor of "The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" and 2012 CBA Champion, the "Wolfman" puts out a call to commissioners of various Strat-o-matic Baseball Leagues that he discovers on the internet and shares two more replies he received from these leagues to be interviewed and tell their stories! This is the second part of this report.  To read the individual interview, click on the links below or start with Part III and follow the in-page link to read the second interview as well:

INTERVIEW with Glenn Wheeler, NASOMA, P-III (F2F/Netplay/Computer)


  SOM/MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL WORLD NEWS with WOLFMAN SHAPIRO , editor of "The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" shares about the 2015 Baseball Fielding Rating File released by the Game Company, revisits the status of what 2016 MLB projections are already available to obtain and study and shares about some of the new videos that are available on the Ultimate Strat Baseball Channel on Youtube - more good stuff is on this page - head over there NOW!

  ARTICLE about WOLFMAN SHAPIRO written by DONNA CHEVRETTE -- the editor of "The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" and 2012 CBA Champion, the "Wolfman" goes back into the far past and pulls out one of his first articles to the Strat-o-matic Review from 1973, when he really was becoming known as the "Wolfman" (the Skokie Wolfman) as he challenged one of the first female strat gamers, Donna Chevrette to a play against him via play-by-mail.  Two series were played with All Star players from 1971, one report is written by Wolfman and the other by Miss Chevrette, it was called "The Battle of the Sexes", this month we hear Ms. Chevrette report of Series II.

  RECOMMEND ON-LINE SOM RESOURCES -- On-line Strat-o-matic and Baseball related websites
that offer amazing information, special tools and products to improve your game play that we strongly recommend. In most cases, we have had personal contact with these sources who agree with the principle to work together and help promote each other.

  BOOKS TO DIE FOR and Become a BASEBALL GURU -- This page is specifically about special books we are finding that either will expand your insights about the game of Baseball, help you in the creation of your current league teams or with your replays and learn more about the Strat-o-matic Baseball Game and Game Company's history.  We have a special arrangement with Acta Sports, who is a publisher of a number of great baseball books (including Bill James Handbooks) to offer for our members a 10% discount. We will continue to add more books to this page in the future as we uncover other gems our members should know about.


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