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Vol. III, Issue #4 - December 2015

** SOM Baseball World News **
      ( a new periodic column for 2015 where we share special news
linked to the SOM Baseball Game and MLB .... stay tuned!! )

Notes from the Wolfman
- Welcome as we once again have a few interesting and special announcements happening recently that we think warrant your attention to be included as important news in the Strat-o-matic Baseball World. In this segment, we make sure all our members know about the Fielding Rating File shared by the game company this month; I review some of the on-line websites and books which will share future predictions on how the MLB players and rookie prospects coming up for the 2016 MLB season will do and finally a quick review of some of the new videos we have on the Ultimate Strat Baseball Youtube video channel.

FLASH: Did You Get Your Fielding Rating Spreadsheet offered by SOM?

In the early part of December, the Strat-o-matic Game Company via their presence on Twitter (if you are on twitter go to: https://twitter.com/StratOMatic ) they started to share the fielding ratings of certain players for a few days and some other aspects about the new baseball cards coming out next year (February).  Then later this month, they released their special spreadsheet/report (Microsoft Excel or PDF versions) which has all the fielding ratings of the positional players who will receive a card in the new set.  If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can do so by going to the Strat-o-matic Game Company website on this page:


also here is a recap of all the information they shared about the baseball fielding ratings on twitter, you can read about it at:

-- quite a few players are shown including some players with their outfield throwing arms and some players also with their e-readings

For those who are lazy and don't have time to download this 2015-baseball-range-rating file, here is a list of players by positions who will receive a rank a "1" in the new baseball cards coming out:

C - Salvador Perez (KC); Russell Martin (TOR); Yadier Molina (STL); Buster Posey (SF)

1B - Eric Hosmer (KC); Paul Goldschmidt (AZ); Anthony Rizzo (CHC, 2-basic)

2B - Ian Kinsler (DET, 2-basic); Ryan Goins (TOR); Brandon Phillips (CIN); DJ LeMahieu (COL);
       Dee Gordon (MIA); Danny Espinosa (WASH)

3B - Manny Machado (BAL, 2-basic); Evan Longoria (TB); Adrian Beltre (TEX, 2-basic);
       Nolan Arenado (COL)

SS - Francisco Lindor (CLE, 2-basic); Jose Iglesias (DET); Alcides Escobar (KC);
       Didi Gregorius (NYY); Andrelton Simmons (ATL); Zack Cozart (CIN); Adeiny Hechavarria(MIA)
       Brandon Crawford (SF)

LF - Jackie Bradley Jr. (BOS, OF-1); Yoenis Cespedes (DET); Jake Marisnick (HOU, OF-1);
      Alex Gordon (KC); Brett Gardner (NYY); Sam Fuld (OAK, 2-basic); Kevin Pillar (TOR, CF-1);
      Ender Inciarte (AZ, 2-basic, RF-1(B2)); Christian Yelich (MIA); Starling Marte (PIT, 1-RF);
      Gregor Blanco (SF); Michael Taylor (WAS)

CF - Adams Jones (BAL); Jackie Bradley Jr. (BOS, OF-1); Jake Marisnick (HOU, OF-1);
       Lorenzo Cain (KC, 2-basic, 1-RF, 2-basic); Jarrod Dyson (KC); Mike Trout (LAA)
       Jacob Ellsbury (NYY, 2-Adv, 1-basic); Kevin Kiermaier (TB, RF-1); Kevin Pillar (TOR, LF-1); 
       A.J. Pollock (AZ); Billy Hamilton (CIN); Andrew McCutchen (PIT)

RF - Jackie Bradley Jr. (BOS, OF-1); Jake Marisnick (HOU, OF-1); Kevin Kiermaier (TB, CF-1);
       Lorenzo Cain (KC, 2-basic, 1-CF, 2-basic); Ender Inciarte (AZ, 2-basic, LF-1(B2));
       Starling Marte (PIT, 1-LF); Jayson Heyward (STL)

Ye Gads, enough "1" rated players to keep us all happy aye?

FLASH: Wouldn't it be nice to know how your players will do in 2016 -- or -- players you might draft, who are available that could help your team in the future?

In the March issue of our newsletter this year, I previously shared with our readers both on-line sources that have projections of how both MLB players and future prospects are projected to do and be more of a force for their team in the next MLB season.  Well some of these projections are already out at the end of this year - and I have already been building my spreadsheets as I prepare for my league's draft (the CBA) in February.  I will review all the sources I gave in March and give you a status of which of these sources already have info you can begin to collect to plan your dynasty with your league team(s) for next year.


(It is not available yet, see description below)

(There are two key areas on MLB.com to watch out for, one is called
http://fantasy411.mlblogs.com -last year they created a compilation spreadsheet that was based on 8-10 fantasy projections for 2015, so we assume they will do the same again.  This blog site already has interesting articles.  The other webpage to watch for what they call a preview (which usually is not out till March, based on the PECOTA projections done by Baseball Prospective) can be found at http://m.mlb.com/fantasy/ ... the list of top 100 Prospects is a good list that will be modified next year, but a good indication of which Minor League Prospects are the next major league stars for 2016.  I have left below as examples what was offered this year on MLB.com plus the current link for the top propspects.)

(this is the link to the lastest top 100 MLB Prospects that haven't come up yet or played enough in the Majors.)

(via MLB, a compilation of 8-10 fantasy projections of the key players for 2015, we attached this spreadsheet for both hitters and pitchers to the announcement of this newsletter)

(Top 800+ players with MLB projection and most with PECOTA projection via Baseball Prospective)


(some of the projection systems below are active and sharing their data ...)


(This website had the following system with projections, only the Steamer & Steamer600 systems has data in this month of December and the Zips Projections is being done by teams, with a new team being shared about every 2 days but also after all the teams are projected, there will be a Zips projection with all the players next year - hang on to this page as these other projection system could be found next year before the MLB season begins ...)

~FANS  (Not available yet)


~STEAMER  (It is available by positions)


(It is available, this is a projection on all players listed if they played a full season)


~Top 200 Prospects (Only shows the top 200 prospects for 2015)


~Zip Projections (It is available, not all the teams are done yet -- but you will see the latest one here and then can link to all the earlier team projections)

(Projections done for many players linked to each Major League team)


(Has 2016 rankings but the projections are not available yet)

(Roto Projections includes for each player (Composite of Rotochamp/ Steamer / Steamer 600 / Zips /Cairo
as well as those projections as well)


Fanstay RunDown

(Shows other On-line Projection Sources, Fangraph is the only one listed so far)


"this page also shows these other projection systems":

(this one is not shown here, so its not ready yet, unsure if link below will give 2016 projections)

(shown by players, 20 on a page, can search for a player)

~CBS Sports
(this projection is not show here, so it isn't ready, unsure if link below will work)
- click on Postion on this page
(example for Catchers:
http://fantasynews.cbssports.com/fantasybaseball/stats/sortable/cbs/C/season/standard/projections )


Baseball Guru Mforceast
(the 2016 version of their projection spreadsheet is ready to be downloaded)

(download free spreadsheet)


Statistical Yearly Books Published Each Year
(which all include 2016 MLB projections)

Baseball Prospectus 2016 uses the PECOTA system (published by Baseball Prospectus, not out yet)

Bill James Handbook 2016 (published by Acta Sports with Baseball Info Solutions, this book is already out and via Bill James new website, as a member you can get this information, see our resources page)

Baseball Forecaster 2016 (Ron Shandler - publsiehd by Baseball HQ, not out yet)

A Full Summary of all the new videos on the Ultimate Strat Baseball Channel

I don't know if all of our members are aware how many good videos we have on the Ultimate Strat Baseball Channel on Youtube, do you?  Manned and maintained by our roving reporter ... with all type of goodies, stories and strategies.  We added some new videos in preparation for the release of this newsletter, so please find below a list of these new entries, take the free time during the holidays and check it out -yes?

Ultimate Strat Baseball Youtube Channel:

USBN Columnist Bruce Bundy interviews James Williams in 2011
(18 minutes)

(This is an audo interview that Bruce Bundy does with James Williams around the time of the 50th anniversary of Strat-o-matic, when Mr. Williams was still working for the game company. Bruce shares some great photos during the video of Mr. Williams and people who worked at the game company at this time.)

Various Videos by David, known as Baseball Demos on Youtube
(David, is a very unique individual who likes playing replays, and he uses many different baseball board games that are out there including strat-o-matic, below we share two of his replay with Strato and another video where he steps out front of the camera so you can see who is this guy doing all of this, enjoy)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAEhX3LNGdE (1 hour)
(Strat-o-matic replay of what is known as the  "Steve Bartman Game", the 1983 Cubs-Marlins playoff game)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OidHY5pfRok  (39 Min)
Strat-o-matic replay of the 1986 World Series Game between the N.Y. Mets & Boston Redsox, when Buckner blows the ground ball through his legs which allows the Mets to win, using the computer game.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkFyWKxn_Cg  (9 min)
(Who is Baseball Demos unmasked? David comes out front of the camera and introduces himself)

Note: -- if you have a new story you think our readers might enjoy linked to Strat-o-matic please feel free to email us your story by contacting Wolfman at: wolfman@ultimatestatbaseball.com



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  STRAT WISE with MARC WASSERMAN -- commissioner of the Cyber Baseball Association (CBA) continues his new column sharing various perspectives on SOM Baseball. In this issue he discusses about the Miscellaneous Rules in the computer game (to use or not to use), some special new videos on our Video Channel on Youtube, the fielding ratings given out by the game company and more.

  ARTICLE with DOUG BRUNET, another member of our newsletter shares his thoughts about the game of baseball and its connections with Strat-o-matic as well as his philosophies of how to succeed in your game play. Doug is a member of the CBA Council, a computer baseball league.

  ARTICLE with CHUCK TINKLER (Part II), a continuation of the article by Chuck, one of our members sharing about a real Strat Master that he met in his early days of playing Strat-o-matic

  SOM BASEBALL LEAGUE REPORT with WOLFMAN SHAPIRO -- the editor of "The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" and 2012 CBA Champion, the "Wolfman" puts out a call to commissioners of various Strat-o-matic Baseball Leagues that he discovers on the internet and shares two more replies he received from these leagues to be interviewed and tell their stories! This is the second part of this report.  To read the individual interview, click on the links below or start with Part III and follow the in-page link to read the second interview as well:

INTERVIEW with Glenn Wheeler, NASOMA, P-III (F2F/Netplay/Computer)


  REPORT with TOM NAHIGIAN (1961 cards) Personal friend of the Wolfman, known in Guzzo's book as "The Collector", returns and we take a peak at some of the early strat cards printed from 1961 from the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  ARTICLE about WOLFMAN SHAPIRO written by DONNA CHEVRETTE -- the editor of "The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" and 2012 CBA Champion, the "Wolfman" goes back into the far past and pulls out one of his first articles to the Strat-o-matic Review from 1973, when he really was becoming known as the "Wolfman" (the Skokie Wolfman) as he challenged one of the first female strat gamers, Donna Chevrette to a play against him via play-by-mail.  Two series were played with All Star players from 1971, one report is written by Wolfman and the other by Miss Chevrette, it was called "The Battle of the Sexes", this month we hear Ms. Chevrette report of Series II.

  RECOMMEND ON-LINE SOM RESOURCES -- On-line Strat-o-matic and Baseball related websites
that offer amazing information, special tools and products to improve your game play that we strongly recommend. In most cases, we have had personal contact with these sources who agree with the principle to work together and help promote each other.

  BOOKS TO DIE FOR and Become a BASEBALL GURU -- This page is specifically about special books we are finding that either will expand your insights about the game of Baseball, help you in the creation of your current league teams or with your replays and learn more about the Strat-o-matic Baseball Game and Game Company's history.  We have a special arrangement with Acta Sports, who is a publisher of a number of great baseball books (including Bill James Handbooks) to offer for our members a 10% discount. We will continue to add more books to this page in the future as we uncover other gems our members should know about.


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