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Vol. II, Issue #4 - December 2015

** Diamond Vision: Tales of a Strat Master - Chuck Tinkler **

(In this article, our boy Chuck Tinkler continues part II of his tale and experiences with a special
individual he has met that is very knowledgable about the game ... a true Strat Master he says? )

(Bio on Chuck:  Chuck is returning to USBN with his second article, this is Part II with more parts to come. His one article for us was in September of last year (see the link below).  Also if you forgot what he wrote in Part I of this article, is a link for that below as well.

He is from the Long Beach area of California and has been playing Strat-O-Matic off-and on for about 25 years. He currently plays in two leagues, Polo Grounds Baseball and the Bigs Winter League. His Strat interests include finding slick ways to cause a team to outperform expectations and irritating his league mates by talking lots of smack about it.  Chuck is always likes to chat about Strat, Hal settings and ballpark dimensions in particular, so feel free to email him with questions or comments related to this article -- his email is listed at the end of this amazin' article = thank you Chuck!! 

(his first article for our newsletter about Ballparks - quite insightful, check it out)


(This is the link to Part I of this article about the Strat Masters with Sections I & II) )

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, member Chuck Tinkler writes an article about SOM Baseball Ball Parks  
Diamond Vision:
Tales of a Strat Master (Part II)

Who is this Master Chuck
is Speaking about?


         To me, in all my averageness, this was like magic. I had never been witness to anything like it. I certainly hadn't ever accomplished anything like this myself, and all in all, the whole thing just left me in awe. I just kept asking myself, how could this be happening??? After his third consecutive World Series win, thinking it was just "luck" was out the door. People do not win three consecutive World Series by luck. And he wasn't cheating. He could barely send an email without help; he certainly hadn't rigged the game somehow. So what was it?

        It was a number of things. More than anything else though, at least, the one thing that all the others fall under is this: he wanted it worse than everyone else. By far. He wanted to win in a way that was borderline pathological. 

        Strat guys… guys in my league, your league, we think we want to win, we play as though winning is our #1 object - but it isn't necessarily. We all "want to win", but "wanting to win" is measured in degrees and varies from guy to guy. For most guys, sure, they "want to win", but not more than they want to have fun. Strat is a hobby, an enjoyable break from more stressful things, a way to enjoy baseball and the company of friends, etc. Other guys are more willing to sacrifice some of the fun in the name of winning and tend to do a little better. And other guys of course are really, really competitive, and really determined to win and usually have the best results. This guy though was just a freak. His approach seriously bordered on mental illness. But it had to, right? I mean, how else would such a thing happen? People like to think whatever they do, and in this case they'd have liked to pass him off as this, that, or whatever, but the truth to me as it became revealed was simple - he just wanted it in the worst way possible. He wanted it in ways that guys could not even conceive of. He was willing to go to depths that other guys simply would not go. He would stop at nothing to win. And the Strat Gods simply did their part and rewarded him, time and time again.

        A few months back, a video came out of a friendly shooting contest between Michael Jordan (his Airness) and Jimmy Butler (current Chicago Bull). It was "friendly" in that each was paired with a youngster and the whole thing was in front of a large group of youngsters, all attendees of Jordan's "Flight School". (Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cnyrSoiqqk) The idea was for each duo to make as many combined jump shots as they could before the clock ran out. What happens of course can be described as nothing other than pure Jordan. Clock ticking down…quick feed to Jordan…can he get the shot off? YES! AND IT COUNTS!!! Michael Jordan does it again! He didn't of course get the shot off before the buzzer, but why would that matter? I'd like to meet the man that would have waved that shot off. We could write an article about him instead. This though was classic Jordan. The guy is pacing up and down the court, staring down his 11-year old opponent, fist pumping when the kid misses a shot. This was classic Jordan, playing this shoot around like he plays golf, like it's Game 7 of the NBA Finals. like he plays a card game against an old lady (that's a funny story) - he competes as though his life depended on it. He just knows no other way to be.

        MJ had an incredible jump shot. That fade-away jumper was truly a thing of beauty. He had huge ups. He could fly around the court in ways that could be only dreamed of. Michael Jordan hit his free throws, he played defense, he shot three pointers…he was just incredible. I don't think anyone can really argue that. But dude is not nice. If you have ever heard him speak, or heard any of the people around him speak of him, you'd know that the guy is not nice, at all. He may smile in those Hanes commercials, act friendly or whatever, but he is pretty much as unfriendly as a nonincarcerated human being can be. He's a cold blooded assassin. He walks around like everyone else, smiling, etc., but on the inside, he's a killer. But isn't that just how he'd have to be to be to do what he did? People don't just roll out of bed and decide they are going to three-peat, retire for a few years, then three-peat again. There were plenty of players with great jump shots and dunks, but dominating a generation in the NBA took something else entirely.      

        And so it was with Phil. While he had the Strat-O-Matic equivalent of an incredible fade-away jumper, great 3-point shot, etc., the "magic" to be found on him was in actuality just a ruthless determination to win. He just wanted it worse than everyone else. He wanted it worse and from this place was he able to push his teams where others were not able to go. That, and he had a sick jumper and could dunk from the free throw line. Those things though would make a great topic for next time. Until then…

Chuck Tinker 

(NOTES from the Wolfman: We want to thank Chuck again for continuing with this fascinating article about a real Strat Master, with Part II, although he still has more to write. Chuck is the type of member we hoped would join our newsletter and occassionly be a contributor as the lifeblood of our newsletter is through a co-creation of your editing team in conjunction with all of you, our members.  Chuck has been a great example of the type of stories and information that is possible, so we hope that this has inspired some of our other members to share in the future. We are always open to consider to share good and thoughtful articles from you and each of us has our own special stories to share. So thanks again Chuck for your next contribution and of course you have all of our interest to hear even more about this "Strat Master"!!  Chuck is always waiting to chat with you at: chucktinkler@gmail.com  )


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