Issue #5 - Part I, August 2013

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** SOM Baseball Cards with Tom Nahigian **
      (thanks to our friend Tom Nahigian and his complete collection of SOM Baseball Cards we go
       back into the past to share some of the first cards issued by the game company!!)

(Comments from the Wolfman)

In January of this year, we introduced a quiz for our members related to specific question about the SOM Baseball cards, unique aspects related to performance of players over all the cards ever published by Strat-o-matic.  However, as time went on, maybe because only a few people like our good friend Tom Nahigian has the full collection of cards, the responses to the quiz dwindled to nothin'. So I thought (and since it was Tom's birthday on Saturday, June 29th) it would still be way cool to continue to share a few of the early baseball cards that were first published in 1961 (the 1960 All Star sets) and in 1962 (based upon the 1961 season).  So once again Tom, we want to thank you again for your generousity to share these treasures from the past in our August issue and we will continue to share the cards from 1960 and 1961 throughout the rest of the year. Thus, please find on this page, a few more cards that Tom sent to us to share with our members, enjoy!! 

Wolfman Shapiro


What did the Baseball Cards Look Like in the First Years?
(submitted by Tom Nahigian, to read Tom's interview that
we did in our April issue, please click here)

1961 Based Cards
(Sharing a few more cards from the AL & NL All Stars)

AL All Stars


(Again in 1961, no fielding ratings or X chart and the results
are kind of conjugating around the top or bottom of the cards)

Note from the Wolfman: We again want to thank Tom for his help to allow our members for this rare view into the history of the development of how the baseball card have evolved over time. Of course there are modernized versions (card sets) of these cards that the game company now offers along with the computer rosters.  You have to admit and of course we are all grateful for the game company being open to expand on the card format to make them as realistic as possible.  Also thanks to John Dewan and his group at Baseball Info Solutions for providing all the stats SOM needed to make the current baseball cards so powerful. In September we will be back again with a look at a few more of these early cards, enjoy!!

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  INTERVIEW with JOHN DEWAN, President of Baseball Info Solutions

  INTERVIEW with JOE HAMRAHI, CEO of Baseball Prospectus

  STRAT THOUGHTS with BRUCE BUNDY, SOM Gamer, Creator of Baseball Card Formulas, Baseball Strategy Advisor, Beta Tester for the Game Company
(Continuation of the monthly column of "Strat Thoughts" developed by legendary Bruce Bundy)

  1st International SOM On-line Baseball Convention, by the Strat Alliance
-- a more complete discussion of the revolutionary new convention to be offered in
September offering three baseball tournaments organized by the Strat Alliance of Groups!

"The Ultimate Strat Newsletter" and 2012 CBA Champion. Wolfman takes us back in
this article to the fifth national Strat-o-matic Convention in 1976 held in Champaign-Urbana, IL, at the University of Illinois as the Wolfman and his buddies organize their third convention. Wolfman will be our guide through the first nine conventions happening through 1980 of which he was present at each one. This particular column now moves into the 1974-1980 era when the conventions moved to Illinois. We will continue to share one new convention in each future issue till all of these early conventions are published. Also as an inspiration for the SOM On-line Baseball Convention this year.

  INTERVIEW with ALEX REDOVIAN, Founder of Strat-o-matic.Net Forums/Dice Rollers

  ARTICLE with WOLFMAN SHAPIRO, how the Wolfman performed during the Pure Strat
June Skype Draft Tournament - Part Two of Three Parts (Tournament Game Reports)

  COMMISSIONER's CORNER with MARC WASSERMAN -- commissioner of the Cyber Baseball Association (CBA) continues his column about what it is like to be a League Commissioner. In this article he focuses more upon the contents of a good, strong and lasting league constitution.

  RECOMMEND ON-LINE SOM RESOURCES -- On-line Strat-o-matic and Baseball related websites that offer amazing information, special tools and products to improve your game play that we strongly recommend. In most cases, we have had personal contact with these sources who agree with the principle to work together and help promote each other.

  BOOKS TO DIE FOR and Become a BASEBALL GURU -- This page is a new page we are adding for the newsletter that is specifically about special books we are finding that either will expand your insights about the game of Baseball, help you in the creation of your current league teams or with your replays and learn more about the Strat-o-matic Base Game and Game Company's history.  At the time of the release of this newsletter we have a special arrangement with Acta Sports to offer our members a 10% discount. We hope to add more books in the future.


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