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Vol. V, Issue #1 - January 2017

** Welcome to "The Chuck Stop" with Chuck Tinkler **
"Old Guys Rule!!" (Part II)

(We welcome you to this new periodic area of our newsletter that is known as "The Chuck Stop"
which features one of our favorite contributors, Chuck Tinkler.  Our boy Chuck returns with his
latest article talking about -- the value of draft pitchers & their worth -- Welcome back CT!! ... )

Comments from the Wolfman:  We wish to thank Chuck for yet again coming up with his latest article for The Chuck Stop which began last month and continues in the current issue with Part II.  In this edition, Chuck looks at the value of young pitchers over time and then views elite (old guy) pitchers over their careers building on top of what he shared in Part I.  Another thought provoking article and masterpiece by Chuck.  If you missed Part I of "Old Guys Rule", here is where to find it at:


Once again, feel free to email our boy Chuck with your questions or comments related to his latest article. You will find his email is listed at the end of this article.  Thank you again Mr. Chuck for your most recent and entertaining contribution!!

To read any of the previous articles which Chuck has shared with our newsletter since 2014, you will find them listed below.  Enjoy his insights here at USBN in the future by visiting "The Chuck Stop" ...

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Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, member Chuck Tinkler writes an article about SOM Baseball Ball Parks  
Old Guys Rule
(Part II)

A Continuation of Chuck's new article ...

Before subjecting ourselves to the bloodshed that was that deal for Josh Beckett, consider this for a moment: Would you trade Chris Sale for a 5th, 10th and 20th overall pick (in your draft)? That would be Chris Sale for, just to make it as close as possible to the original trade, Alex Reyes, Julio Urias and Orlando Arcia. Would you do that deal?

I don't know about you, but even despite having experienced the horrors of a number of other drafts do I look at this deal and still think I'd do it. It just takes one of the guys to go off and the rest of the deal is gravy. But truth is, despite looking at this deal and all of its league-dominating possibilities, in my gut do I know that such a draft will do anything other than turn out as expected. Reyes is not going to be Syndergaard. Urias is not going to be Johan Santana. Arcia would be lucky to have even Alexei Ramirez's career. They'll all have their careers of course, but having seen so few that have met our lofty expectations, it's hard to be optimistic about their chances. Yet despite knowing this, the urge to reach for more is as strong as ever. This though is exactly what that deal felt like back then, and it's as tough a call to make as ever.

Comparing Josh Beckett to Chris Sale may seem like a stretch and the numbers would seem to support that, but as far as stature and perceived worth, Beckett was everything at that point in time that Sale is now. They both achieved a lofty status that very few obtain. To get away though from loose comparisons, let it be said that a "star" pitcher is anyone who is at Beckett's level and above. That is, from here forward, we will consider a star pitcher to be any pitcher who produced a 20.4 WAR by the age of 27, as Beckett did, or better, as a handful of other pitchers did. We'll use the years of 1996 to 2009 to keep it relevant to modern baseball as well as to keep most active pitchers off this list. Here's what those filters produced:


WAR accumulated through age 27 season

Sabathia, C.C.  --  34.8

Martinez, Pedro  --  31.0

Santana, Johan  --  27.7

Peavy, Jake  --  26.9

Vazquez, Javier  --  26.6

Oswalt, Roy  --  25.6

Buerhle, Mark  --  25.3

Sheets, Ben  --  24.6

Zambrano, Carlos  --  23.9

Hudson, Tim  --  23.0

Zito, Barry  --  22.0

Halladay, Roy  --  21.2

Beckett, Josh  --  20.4

Wood, Kerry  --  20.4

Average of Pitchers shown here: -- 24.9

This list looks about right...if anyone would have called on one of these guys (we used telephones back then), the answer would have been something like: Haha! (click). And just based on my recollections, the rate of attrition doesn't appear to match the dreaded "I hate pitchers" complex that most of us have. Ben Sheets and Kerry Wood completely fell off, but other than that, that list looks pretty strong. Z (Zambrano) was kind of a dud too if I remember correctly, but I don't know that anyone really expected that much from him anyways.  Zito would have been well-served to be taken behind the barn a bit sooner, but all and all, that list has to leave us feeling pretty good about the longevity of our young aces. Here's what they actually did - again, this is their WAR, from the end of their season after age 27 until the end of their careers (acknowledging that a couple are still active):


WAR accumulated from age 28 onward

Sabathia, C.C.  --  28.6

Martinez, Pedro  --  44.5

Santana, Johan  --  17.8

Peavy, Jake  --  17.7

Vazquez, Javier  --  27.3

Oswalt, Roy  --  26.7

Buerhle, Mark  --  26.6

Sheets, Ben  --  8.4

Zambrano, Carlos  --  6.9

Hudson, Tim  --  28.4

Zito, Barry  --  19.3

Halladay, Roy  --  44.8

Beckett, Josh  --  15

Wood, Kerry  --  3.8

Average of Pitchers shown here: -- 22.5

Not too shabby! At least, not nearly as frightful as we'd probably have imagined. An average of 24.9 on the front end and 22.5 on the back end...tough to complain about that. The devil though is in the details of course - one man's 20 WAR is not another's. Bartolo Colon pitching until his social security kicks in is of debatable utility. Nonetheless, we know these guys and we know what happened, and now we have a number to use for comparison. But who to compare them to? None other than Phil Hughes, Clay Buchholz and Cameron Maybin, of course. Til then!

Chuck Tinker

(FINAL NOTES from the WOLFMAN: We want to thank Chuck again for sharing his new and exciting article for our members. We can't wait to see where this next one will continue onward as Chuck is a great strat story teller.. Again, we are always open to new ideas and submissions by our members and perhaps (we hope) that Chuck has been an inspiration for you that you might consider to send to us one of your own offerings. As stated before, Chuck as always is up for chatting about Strat, reach him at: chucktinkler@yahoo.com  )



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