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Vol. V, Issue #2 - March 2017

** "Building Your Draft Team for 2017
Wolfman Shapiro, Part II
I --
How Did I Do in our Draft? 
      (This is a continuation of the article I started in our December 2016 issue, offering a look at my strategies
for building a Keeper League Team using the latest card set offered by the game company. Then, I began
to use my team in the CBA, the Skokie Wolfmen as an example to share my ideas & strategies. This
is the last part as I reveal how we performed in the CBA Draft we started on March 5th, 2017 ... read on ...)

(Notes from the Wolfman:
 This is the last part of my article series to share with our readers an example or what some might call a "real case study" of one strat baseball gamer's quest to rebuild his/her team in his/her current SOM Baseball League (ours is a computer league) back into a powerhouse and playoff contender, that we use to be. In seven of our first eight seasons in the CBA from 2005-2009 and 2011-2013 we made the playoffs winning the league's world series in 2012 and losing in 2007, 2008 and 2013.  Also, I am making an assumption that for the reader to truly appreciate the material contained in this segment (Part III) of this article series, that you have read the earlier versions, with Part I being offered in December of 2016 and Part II offered in January of 2017.  Below are direct links to Part I and Part II, which discuss our various draft strategies and why we selected players that we acquired in this year's CBA draft.

Part I: http://www.ultimatestratbaseball.com/USBN-12-2016/WolfmanShapiro-BuildYourTeam-December2016.htm

Part II: http://www.ultimatestratbaseball.com/USBN-1-2017/WolfmanShapiro-BuildYourTeam-January2017.htm

Now, for this last segment, I have decided to try an experiment which if it works, then I shall continue to do so, going forward into the future. And this is to make my new articles and reports a combination of a written article working in tandem with a video. So this is what I am going to utilize to present my last report in this issue of our newsletter.  However, the video I am creating to augment this report will definitely not be any normal video, as recently, I have acquired a new tool, a piece of amazing software that allows me to do presentations I have never done before. Thus, as I don't want to spoil your taste of this video, all I will say is that you should find it very interesting and entertaining at the same time, limited only to my imagination and the deep persona I carry as "The Wolfman". 

I received this new program (or toy if you will) linked to a new on-line business I am creating and using the newsletter as a way to practice using it and learning how to work with it.  I will add however, that if you enjoyed this video presentation and want to know how to get this program for yourself, you should contact me privately.  Perhaps some of you have seen such videos, where a hand is drawing on a whiteboard.  Anyway, I think the article-video tandem will make my report more powerful, see what you think.

Within this normal webpage I am writting for the newsletter, you will find my report that discusses the results of the CBA Draft and give a brief explanation of about why we chose the players we did (I have a co-manager, Mike, and we worked together in our selection proccess).  Mike had some strong opinions and personal likes, so we went in a slightly different direction then I was planning in the draft due to his input. Never-the-less, I truly believe we had a great draft which I will further explain within this combo presentation. Let me now describe how we performed our draft.

There is a very good on-line league draft system we have been using the past few years that is called Strat Draft. This system makes it very easy for your league members to all meet on-line at the same time and do the draft live if you wish. Additionally, it has a lot of great tools built into it to assist you during the drafting process. Although, I understand it does take some time to prepare this system so that all the players on each team in your league are assigned properly and who is available to be drafted can be easily viewed and sorted alphabetically, by position and by ABs or IPs. 

We have spoken of Strat Draft before and we hope at some future time we will be able to interview the genius who set this all up.  It is a major contribution to help all kind of leagues not only with their draft but it has other features as well.  Anyway, I don't recall exactly, but we did our live picks (or you can setup within the system, if you are not available at the time of you pick, a list of players you want Strat Draft to take for you next, and it automatically do so) from about 11 AM - 6 PM EST on Sunday, March 5th and then we just continued to use the system over a few more days with time intervals for each pick, to complete the draft. Going into the draft, basically each team had 24 players they protected (we had one extra due to a trade we made the day before, the evening of March 4th that is discussed below) unless teams made some trades. Since our roster size is 38 players, we had basically 14 more players to acquire.

Finally, here is the link to the video I created .... where a more
full discussion of all the trades and draft picks are and will be described discussed below in this article. I don't want to spoil exactly how I setup this video so just hop over there when you are ready. However, I do recommend that you read this article first so you will fully understand all that is shared in the video ( a link to this video is also shown at the end this article ). Just visit:

https://youtu.be/1RbH6reQ8yc  (Part I)
(Part II will be available in a few days which we will announce via a bulletin)

Ok then, - lets delve once again into the meat and potatoes of building your team as we did our very best within our draft to fill our holes and acquire a lot more good young players following the example of many mLB teams today who realized to become great you need a good mix of young superstars with veterans ( as my beloved Cubbies have done which is now be the beginning of a new dynasty ). It is my hope, that for some of our members, this three part article has provided some powerful inspiration how to build your own team. Enjoy and to your team's success .... Wolfman


Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, Editor Wolfman Shapiro, with a dream to be A Chicago Cubs Players, his baseball cardThe Skokie Wolfmen in the CBA
(How did We Do in the 2017 CBA Draft!!)

Part III - The
Plan Was Executed Very Well

So, through the first two parts of this article, you had a taste of the Wolfman's madness, my thoughts and strategies.  It is one thing to mentally make your plans in your head what you hope to achieve and entirely all together different to make these plans actually happen.  As is being discussed in our other articles this month's issue, especially featuring the legendary baseball fantasy expert, Ron Shandler, building a good team is not that easy and one must give a consideration to many factors involving the players. 

Further, I will admit to our readers that although I spent many hours studying the abilities of the players who were available in our draft and the predictions about future performances; the final decisions who to pick came down more to intuition and a gut feeling more than anything else. That is, who we inutitively felt would be good young players headed into a glorious future and then secondly, to fill up our usage requirements so we would have enough PAs for our hitters and IPs for our pitchers over 162 games. 

In this final part, of the written portion of this article, my plan is to just briefly share our results during the draft and then use the Video portion, via an ingenious idea I have that will surprise you, to fully discuss more visually and powerfully why we made all our picks and how we see our team going forward as the 2017 CBA season is about to begin over the weekend of March 24th - 26th, with our 1st block of games. 

But before I talk about the draft, we did became very active in making and executing a few key trades.  In order to gage the effective of these trades I need to bring forth our roster again, before the draft started - I already showed the result of part of one trade we made below, a portion of what we called a gentlemen's agreement, a trade we had to wait until the 1st pick of the 2017 CBA draft begin before it could be announced. I will share the full details of this trade below (where we traded Jhonny Peralta + draft picks to get Javier Baez + draft picks back). Let review our roster again, before the draft.

Meet the 2017 Skokie Wolfmen
(As we went into the draft here were our boys ...)

The list of our 24 man roster showing their main positions during the MLB 2016 and their final stats:

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, Editor Wolfman Shapiro, Skokie Wolfmen 2017 CBA Strat-o-matic League Hitter Stats

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, Editor Wolfman Shapiro, Skokie Wolfmen 2017 CBA Strat-o-matic League Pitcher Stats

(In our list of pitchers above we protected three players who either did not receive a card or did not pitch very many innings allowing us to use them during the 2017 CBA.  This included Tyson Ross, who was linked to a gentlemen's agreement we made that you will hear about below; Greg Holland injured and out for the entire 2016 MLB season and a young rookie top 100 prospect, Frankie Montas with the A's. We expect all three of these pitchers to be very active in the MLB 2017 season and to help our pitching team tremendously in the 2018 CBA Season.  Next lets discuss our trades that helped us to prepare for our draft ....)


The Wolfmen's Trades Linked to the Draft

In this section I want to discuss two gentlemen's agreements we made prior to the draft beginning and a few other trades we made within the timeframe the draft took place.

Gentlemen's Agreements

Since watching the 2016 World Series, I saw the brilliance in the play of the Cubs' 2nd basemen Javier Baez. He truly is a five tool player - I knew the team in our league Philly who had him, didn't want to really give him up, but I coveted him so much .. so I knew I had to make an offer that he couldn't refuse. Also, I saw within the available players of our draft that he was more valuable to the Wolfmen than any other player we could pick up.  Remember our league has 24 teams, 12 in each conference with 3 divisions, plus I had the #7 pick in our 1st round of the draft.

To Philly: (trade made last year linked to this trade), we trade our #4 draft pick in the 2017 CBA Draft and
To Skokie: we received Jhonny Peralta (Philly wanted him back but couldn't protect him)

Then after the 1st pick in our draft, this trade with Philly was announced:

To Philly: Skokie #1 draft pick 2017 draft, Skokie #1 draft pick 2018 draft and Jhonny Peralta
To Skokie:  Philly #4 draft pick 2017 draft, Philly #5 draft pick 2018 draft and Javier Baez

(a heavy price but we wanted our guy, tune into the video for more about our reasons to get him)


Here was our second gentlemen's agreement with San Diego

To San Diego: (trade me last year linked to this trade) Jeff Locke (who we were going to cut)
To Skokie:  Tyson Ross (only 5 ips, we hedged on his comeback in the 2017 MLB Season with Texas)

Then, a secret agreement, made which had a 2018 draft pick attached during the draft:

To San Diego:  We would pick a player for them in our 5th round pick, and give Skokie #5 pick in 2018
To Skokie:  San Diego would take a player for us with their 4th round pick, which we asked for ...

The final Trade:  San Diego took rookie LH reliever Matt Strahm, we picked Matt Garza
(Strahm became our 4th player /pitcher/ who didn't have the minimum of 25 innings in 2016, allowing us to use him during the 2017 CBA season - visit the video to see why we chose him, Garza helped SD with starter innings)


Trades Before or During the Draft

1) With Brooklyn, the evening before, a key deal for both teams - Brooklyn by the way is team of Marc Wass, our commissioner and the contributor of our "Strat Wise" column, Marc wanted Kyle Hendricks, the NL ERA winner but we told him it was going to cost him.  We (Mike and I) took two hours to decide because he offered David Price back who at the time of this article, had an elbow issue and could miss a start or two during the regular season but we decided to make this deal, the night before the draft.

To Brooklyn:  Kyle Hendricks, Skokie's #3 pick 2017 CBA draft
To Skokie:  David Price, Montreal's #1 pick (#11) 2017 CBA draft, Yan Gomes (C, Indians)
(Gomes is considered to be the #1 catcher for Cleveland in 2017 MLB Season, more discussion on this on the video)

would you make this trade, wait till you see who we drafted in the 1st round

2) Due to a number of players we acquired in trades last year from the 6th round through the 8th rounds we didn't have any draft picks in those rounds.  New Hempshire had 3 extra draft picks they had acquired which they would lose at the end of the draft, so we asked if they would trade two of them to us for a higher draft pick in the 2018 CBA Draft, here is our trade:

To New Hampshire:  Philly 5th round draft pick 2018 CBA draft (the one we acquired in the Baez trade)
To Skokie:  New Hampshire #7 and #8 draft picks 2017 CBA draft (pick #4 in each round)

These two additional trades help us to pick up other key players in the draft we never would have had a chance for ... ok then, the stage is set to discuss the 13 new players we received in the 2017 CBA Draft, here we go and also again check the connected videos to get a full disclosure about each move we made.


Welcome to the CBA 2017 Draft

In this final section of this report, I will basically go through our draft picks offering a very brief explanation why we took each player.  Again you want to study the players we acquired in our trades and the roster before the draft begins. Then at the end I will show the new 2017 Skokie Wolfmen, the team we will start our new season with before I plan to make even more trades during our entire year.

1st Round of the Draft

1. Atlanta -- Trevor Story (SS, COL)
2. Philly -- Michael Fulmer (SP, DET)
3. Belfast -- Tyler Naquin (OF, CLE)
4. New Hampshire -- Chris Devenski (SP-RP, HOU)
5. Ohio -- Aldemys Diaz (SS, 2B, STL)
6. Longue Point -- Dan Straily (SP, CIN)
7. Philly (Skokie's pick) -- Edwin Diaz (RP, SEA)
8. Indiana -- Ricky Nolasco (SP, LAA)
9. Stirling -- Sean Manaea (SP, OAK)
10. Detroit -- Junior Guerra (SP, MIL)
Skokie -- David Dahl (OF, COL)

Brief Comment:  Mike and I thought we might go for a good young reliever, but we needed a LH outfielder in LF much more and I didn't think Dahl would be available this late. However, most of the early picks, as you can see, went after the good starting pitchers left in the draft or who had innings - we needed a 5th starter so we could wait to fill that.

Essentially then we received Javier Baez and David Dahl in our 1st round - see the videos for more thoughts ...

To finish our draft picks, we will show you below who we picked (with a brief comment) but again, it is strongly recommend to watch our videos to see a more detailed analysis of the creation of the 2017 CBA Skokie Wolfmen.

Picks from the 2nd Round to the 5th Round

SECOND ROUND (Pick #7): Gleyber Torres
(-- we are allowed to select each year, if we wish, one uncarded player who is signed with a professional baseball team. Torres was in the minors last year and came to the NY Yankees from the Cubs in the Chapman trade. On mlb.com he is ranked as the #3 top 100 prospect and there is some talk that he might be brought up later this year by the Yankees. We have A. Cabrera at SS with Baez as a backup but we could use a good future superstar there - very surprised he didn't go in the 1st round, the top two ranked prospects Benintendi (Brooklyn); and Moncada (Philly); were picked last year ....)

FOURTH ROUND (PICK #17  via San Diego for 5th round pick player): Matt Strahm
(this was part of our gentlemen's agreement with San Diego, we only had 1 LH relief pitcher in our pen)

FOURTH ROUND (PICK #22  via Philly):
Logan Verrett
(not our best pick, no choice, we needed starter innings at the #5 spot, he had 92)

Picks from the 7th Round to the 14th Round

SEVENTH ROUND (PICK #4 via New Hampshire): Adam Frazier
(backup 2nd basemen, hits LH, very good hitter, will play a key role with Pirates in 2017, young)

EIGHTH ROUND (PICK #4 via New Hampshire):
Randall Delgado
(relief pitcher, young, was highly rated before, needed relief innings 75)

Brad Peacock
(starting pitcher, young, has been highly rated before, help with our #5th spot, looking towards future)

TENTH ROUND (PICK #7): Jared Cosart
(starting pitcher, young, has been highly rated before, help with our #5th spot, looking towards future)

TWELFTH ROUND (PICK #17 via San Diego): Mike Wright
(starting/relief pitcher, young, only picked him up to help with usage, 75 IP)

(backup 1B to Santana, DH vs RHP, could be a superstar, from Korea)

THIRTEENTH ROUND (PICK #17 via San Diego): Gregor Blanco
(backup OF, brought back to our team, defense, another LH bat, pinch run)

THIRTEENTH ROUND (PICK #24 via New Jersey): Daniel Castro
(backup 2B/SS, defense, usage protection in infield)

(LH relief pitcher, young, could be go in the future)

What does the 2017 CBA Skokie Wolfmen Look Like Now?

Skokie Wolfmen Hitters

Player Age Bats POS G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB BB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS c 1b 2b 3b ss lf cf rf
Santana, Carlos 30 S 1B 158 681 582 89 151 31 3 34 87 290 99 99 5 2 .259 .366 .498 .864   4            
Park, Byungho 30 R 1B 62 236 215 28 41 9 1 12 24 88 21 80 1 0 .191 .275 .409 .684   4            
Baez, Javier 24 R 2B 142 436 421 50 115 19 1 14 59 178 15 108 12 3 .273 .314 .423 .737   4 1 2 2 4    
Frazier, Adam 25 L 2B 66 158 146 21 44 8 1 2 11 60 12 26 4 1 .301 .356 .411 .767     4 4   4 5 4
Garcia, Adonis 31 R 3B 134 556 532 65 145 29 0 14 65 216 24 93 3 2 .273 .311 .406 .717     3 4 4      
Cuthbert, Cheslor 24 R 3B 128 507 475 49 130 28 1 12 46 196 32 96 2 0 .274 .318 .413 .731       3        
Iannetta, Chris 33 R C 94 333 295 23 62 14 0 7 24 97 38 83 0 0 .210 .303 .329 .632 3              
Gomes, Yan 29 R C 74 260 251 22 42 11 1 9 34 82 9 69 0 0 .167 .201 .327 .528 2              
Plawecki, Kevin 26 R C 48 149 132 6 26 6 0 1 11 35 17 33 0 0 .197 .298 .265 .563 2              
Springer, George 27 R OF 162 732 644 116 168 29 5 29 82 294 88 178 9 10 .261 .359 .457 .816             3 2
Beltran, Carlos 39 S OF 151 587 552 73 163 33 0 29 93 283 35 101 1 0 .295 .337 .513 .850               5
Inciarte, Ender 26 L OF 131 567 522 85 152 24 7 3 29 199 45 68 16 7 .291 .351 .381 .732           1 1  
Souza, Steven 27 R OF 120 461 430 58 106 17 1 17 49 176 31 159 7 6 .247 .303 .409 .712             4 2
Marisnick, Jake 25 R OF 118 303 287 40 60 18 1 5 21 95 16 83 10 5 .209 .257 .331 .588           1 1 1
Blanco, Gregor 33 L OF 106 270 241 28 54 10 4 1 18 75 29 51 6 3 .224 .309 .311 .620           2 2 2
Dahl, David 22 L OF 63 237 222 42 70 12 4 7 24 111 15 59 5 0 .315 .359 .500 .859           2 2 2
Cabrera, Asdrubal 31 S SS 141 559 521 65 146 30 1 23 62 247 38 103 5 1 .280 .336 .474 .810         3      
Drew, Stephen 34 L SS 70 159 143 24 38 11 1 8 21 75 16 31 0 1 .266 .339 .524 .863     3 4 4      
Castro, Daniel 24 R SS 47 137 130 8 26 1 0 0 7 27 7 24 1 1 .200 .241 .208 .449     2 2 2      
Torres, Gleyber 20 R SS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000                

Skokie Wolfmen Pitchers

Price, David 31 L 17 9 3.99 35 35 2 0 0 0 230.0 227 106 102 30 50 228 1.20
Archer, Chris 28 R 9 19 4.02 33 33 0 0 0 0 201.1 183 100 90 30 67 233 1.24
Nelson, Jimmy 27 R 8 16 4.62 32 32 0 0 0 0 179.1 186 108 92 25 86 140 1.52
Maeda, Kenta 28 R 16 11 3.48 32 32 0 0 0 0 175.2 150 72 68 20 50 179 1.14
Cosart, Jarred 26 R 0 4 6.00 13 13 0 0 0 0 57.0 61 41 38 4 39 38 1.75
Verrett, Logan 26 R 3 8 5.20 35 12 0 0 0 0 91.2 100 55 53 16 43 66 1.56
Wright, Mike 27 R 3 4 5.79 18 12 0 0 0 0 74.2 81 53 48 12 26 50 1.43
Peacock, Brad 29 R 0 1 3.69 10 5 0 0 0 0 31.2 21 15 13 6 14 28 1.11
Delgado, Randall 27 R 5 2 4.44 79 0 0 0 0 3 75.0 77 39 37 8 36 68 1.51
Herrera, Kelvin 27 R 2 6 2.75 72 0 0 0 12 15 72.0 57 23 22 6 12 86 0.96
Ramos, A.J. 30 R 1 4 2.81 67 0 0 0 40 43 64.0 52 21 20 1 35 73 1.36
Cingrani, Tony 27 L 2 5 4.14 65 0 0 0 17 23 63.0 54 30 29 5 37 49 1.44
Strop, Pedro 31 R 2 2 2.85 54 0 0 0 0 4 47.1 27 16 15 4 15 60 0.89
Osich, Josh 28 L 1 3 4.71 59 0 0 0 0 3 36.1 31 20 19 7 19 25 1.38
Ross, Tyson 29 R 0 1 11.81 1 1 0 0 0 0 5.1 9 8 7 0 1 5 1.88
Strahm, Matt 25 L 2 2 1.23 21 0 0 0 0 0 22.0 13 4 3 0 11 30 1.09
Holland, Greg 31 R 0 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
Montas, Frankie 23 R 0 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00

to view the video component of this report, feel free to go to:
https://youtu.be/1RbH6reQ8yc  (Part I)
(Part II will be available in a few days which we will announce via a bulletin)

Wolfman's final comments:
This could be one of the best drafts we have ever had, also sparked by our trades, that has definitely helped us to build a very competitive team for the CBA 2018 season.  If half of the new players and the players we were protecting that we can't use during the 2017 CBA season (due to no or limited ABs, IPs) do well, we could be a force to recon with, but as with the Chicago Cubs, it took them 5 years to rebuild, so it will take us the same. However, should we find a way to make trades during the season to upgrade a few of our starters, we could compete in 2017.  I like the young players we were able to pick up very much and have a very positive feeling in my bones about our future!

OK then, so I hope this three-part article was helpful to some of our members, to give you an idea of what is needed to do your own analyze and study of your league's team and how to prepare for your draft.  Again, you may want to watch my new and entertaining two videos starting at the link given above, to get a more indepth look at the building of the Wolfmen and remember, if you ever would like to do a similar type of video, feel free to contact me (my email is below).

To an amazing 2017 season of great game play and enjoyment,
I am,

The Skokie Wolfman
GM of the Skokie Wolfmen in the CBA with my co-mgr. Mike and your humble editor

Go Wolfmen Go!! (lets all sing this song together now ...)



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