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Vol. IV, Issue #1 -
January 2016

** Strat Wise - Part III **
(by Marc Wasserman, Commissioner of the Cyber Baseball Association {CBA} )

(Note from the Wolfman: - For those of you who have been following our newsletter, you are already familiar with the column called "Commissioner's Corner written by Marc Wasserman, the commissioner of the CBA as he has discussed his experiences and insights about being a commissioner of a Strat-o-matic baseball league. Once again we have Wass returning with his column sharing with us his unique and special insights on a variety of topics that are linked and important to the Strat Baseball World. This month he focuses on the new service coming called Baseball Daily, the draft feature in the Windows Computer Game and our Youtube channel ....)

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletterr, Marc Wasserman, CBA Commissioner, Head of Strat Alliance, partner with Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter
Strat-o-matic's Baseball Daily - Wow!  The Draft Feature in the Windows Game and updates about the USBN Youtube Video Channel - A Unique Channel for SOM Baseball Gamers!

Strat-o-matic has just turned the corner.  Into the next generation of fantasy baseball, our favorite game company has not been content to lay idle.  As the fantasy baseball market has evolved and skyrocketed, SOM has kept pace.  This years buzz is the baseball daily data (known as Baseball Daily which starts April 4th when the MLB season begins).  Holy toledo, I can't believe how much that will add to our loved game.

Daily Data:   Its boundless what my SOM can create with this feature. Imagine following along with cards, that update on a daily basis.   Real performances.  Real slumps.  We're on the verge of something even greater here.  You will be able to literally play that season and update the statistical database each day.  You will share the exciting experience of playing with the actual cards as they occur in real life.  WOW!   Recreating the performance of all the teams and rosters in MLB.  You will be able to more closely simulate such great and even unexpected late season drama with the players as they get hot or cool off. A Met fan could thrill to what the Murphy-Cespedes hot streak would have been like in SOM Baseball card form.  This feature is likely not suited for draft league play although I'm sure gamers will figure out something.  The 2016 cards in this version of Strat will be started based on projections. John Dewan's Baseball Info Solution's company is very highly regarded, and provides SOM with projections for the digital cards.  Obviously its a computer game feature with the old dice and cards are very much alive.

   As baseball fans, the real test of the Daily Data will be how the projections will appear to us as gamers when we start our seasons.  Will the projections seem a bit foreign to the veteran gamer?  As the season advances then,  the real statistical data will determine the form of each card.  Are their subjective things that statistics can not measure? This might not be a big bother to tweak things if you believe as such.  From what I can gather, the data and projections from Baseball Info Solution are professional and pretty much right in the pocket and quite reliable.  I don't suppose the Richman family would settle for anything less than the absolute state of the art, what is best for Strat-o-matic and the realism of game play.  I have complete faith in their decision earned over by close to 40 years of working with baseball statistics and projections.  Once the game gets launched I'd love to hear our readers thoughts on it.  I'll post the best reactions here in this column.  By the way, get a chance to read the interview with Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve on the Strat website?  Great read, I highly recommend you check it out.

   In my opinion, the game company is really cooking now.  Since Adam Richman (Hal's son) got more involved, we have seen some great things happen which include this historic new Daily Data.  After all these years I just love how this new generation of people working at Strat-o-matic are so conscious of us the gamers both from a traditional perspective and with the more tech saavy baseball fans.  The staff at Strat-o-matic is really cool, that team has taken SOM to next level.  I'm so glad, as the future didn't look as bright a few years back but now no one can say where this is all going and what new heights we will hit.

   I give great thanks for all the new advances the Game Company is implementing.  I am much more open to playing SOM for the sheer fun than mixing it up with those fantasy money online enterprises, that's for sure.
Indeed, I feel great about recommending all versions of the baseball game from the traditional version, to Netplay, Daily Data and it's online version, Baseball 365 to any family or young person.  If I seem enthusiastic, well indeed I really am.  SOM is really bringing us some great things.  The vision of the game company is moving forward at great speeds now. We all can feel great about this right.  SOM's bang for the buck is tremendous now. Where else can you get so much game play and hours spent for so little?  With daily data coming,  I can't help but think I'll need to budget more time to playing the 2016 season.  One of my leagues will see less time this year for sure.

Draft Creation

    Now hold on, I was just wrapping my brain around last years new draft feature that came out. I heard that they improved it even more for this year.  The "Draft Creation" feature last year was quite cool.   It's used to create league teams.  This feature is a great tool for Strat leagues and is perfect for initially drafting a new found league.  Solo gamers use this feature to plan their upcoming draft.   A well made recreation of your league can give you a great idea of your opponents possible draft patterns or tendencies.   Simply set up your league and the eligible draftees in Free Agency, and then export the league for online draft.  When you log into SOM's website through your game, you can import your league via a simple file that you can export into  your 'export' folder.  Of course after an easy set up, your league model will have a fully featured live draft chatroom, draft board, and player board. You simply drag and drop your draft order of teams to prepare your leagues draft.  If you set things as fast as possible, 30 seconds per team then you can witness the best possible player being taken from your draft, by the league teams in order.   This is a planning tool is easily utilized. Essentially the draft will use recommended players and does take a bit of time to go through.

The USBN Youtube Video Channel

    Just as there are now exciting times at Strat-o-matic, we can same the same for us here at Ultimate Strat Baseball.  The Ultimate Strat Baseball Youtube Video Channel has really started to take off a bit and we are going to be expanding this channel for 2016.  We have a full menu of Strat-o-matic and related videos now that you could spend an evening or two watching through alone.  It is the first Video Channel of it's kind in the Sports Simulation universe as far as I know.  USBN presents these videos and accepts videos to share for free with our community.  The contributors of these videos, who have given us permission to offer their videos, all want to share with you their love for the game and what they do. 

   We also encourage any submission that our members wish to make as well.  Why I have heard rumors, our dear editor the Wolfman will even be sharing something soon, because like myself, he is so excited about what is going to happen for the newsletter this year!  Even if your baseball league has some cool series happening going on, shoot us a video.  As I said, If you feel like you want to share something with all of our subscribers, this is a perfect forum to do so or just to make a test if you wish.   Our channel is open to all ages, just keep the content family minded of course, and please don't mention other baseball games, as we do Strat-o-matic here and only Strat-o-matic and this is a pretty big focus as it is.

  The response to our Video Channel so far has been awesome.  We were able to get new contributions from several gamers recently.  I particularly enjoyed watching how Ricky Royal from the UK was able to share the baseball game with the international community who may not have experienced the sport of baseball across the Atlantic from the US.  Thus, Strat-o-matic is truly becoming international.  I felt a sense of pride as I watched Ricky presented part 1 of his series of videos for beginners, for those individuals who may not be familiar with the game of baseball and then easily shows how Strat-o-matic could even be played by those who do not know baseball at all!  His videos could be used to teach young persons about the game and baseball too.  That's a homerun in my book.

To view the first of a series of videos done by Ricky Royal on the USBN Video Channel, go to:

   Aniorange (Brad Martin) has agreed to let our subscribers view his video about how to make a dice tower. We have a lot of dice rollers, and he makes the crafts he makes and fixes to his household seem so simple.  Nice little vid, again on our channel to be viewed.  We have a few posted now with a nice little library that we have built up.  Check 'em out on our USBN Video Channel at:


   There is another video I just added on a Dice Tower's creation to the channel just before we released the newsletter.  Scott's video goes into quite a bit of detail and is another variation on gaming. As you know we support and have quite a few subscribers who play Tournament Strat.   As with all of our video features, our producers would like you to subscribe to their channel as well who you meet on ours. To do so, simply type their name into Youtube while you are logged in, or if you are using google+, if you do this sort of thing.  Hey we know some people do some don't.  I get it.   Our vids hope our gamers will take the information we give to the max.   Subscribers to our video channel always get the first opportunity to see the very latest videos before even our newsletter members do. So please stay tuned in, and turn on to SOM baseball.  There will be a few more vids coming, you never know what pleasant Strat-o-matic surprises we may have for you on our channel. Getting back to some other feedback and stories linked with our channel on Youtube.

   Then, there is Josh Wenger who watched the 1969 SOM re-creation we posted and he wrote us a message on the USBN Channel (as you can leave your comments about the videos you view).  He is currently doing a project that would require simulating a large number of games using the windows computer version of Strat-o-Matic baseball. He stated, "I would need to take players from many different teams in MLB for this project. Is it possible to adjust rosters to custom teams in the windows game?" To answer him, Yes Josh, SOM has the ability to assign players to teams of your choosing just like in any league you create.  The game even has a draft creation tool should Josh choose to use it.   

   We enjoy our relationship with our video subscribers at our channel.   We posed a question to our Strat-o-matic friends there:  Which teams have you played over the years that you've enjoyed gaming with?  Jerry Ball responded and wrote:

"...I Love Your News Letter and Features. That"s a Tough Question For I Have Many Fond Memories of Past Great Strat Teams, But I Would Say a Few of My All Time Favorites To Play are, The 1975 Red Sox, The 1971 Pirates, The 1972,73,and 74 Oakland A"s. and The 1970 Reds. Also The 69-70-and 71 Balt. Orioles. Lastly I Have to Include, The 1905 N.Y. Giants, The 1934 St.L Cardinals, The 1969 Cubs. Keep up the Fantastic Service you Provide to All Us Stratomatic Baseball Freaks."

   Jerry Ball has enjoyed several of our video series and is a great fan of our channel so he gets a shout out from us here at USBN.  We love you Jerry and thank you for your support. Jerry is a die hard SOM fan as well.

   Another cool video we added this month, you might want to check out is called "Strat-o-matic Baseball" by Patrick Bellina. In this video he shares with us his notebook based on his replay of the 1996 MLB Season, which has all his stats.  Part of the wonders of video is here we can share with other Strat gamers all kinds of ideas how to make their game play more enjoyable.  We thank Patrick for his contribution to our channel.  To view Patrick's video head over to:


   Let me end my column with another interesting response we just received on our channel from a Strat player known on Youtube as Jobu88, talking about one of the Bruce Bundy videos that we share:

I didn't use H&R hardly at all for the longest time until I finally pulled my head out of my a## and did the math. An "A" rating will hit safely 22% of the time and will at a minimum move the runner over to 2nd 75% of the time (if the result comes from the H&R chart); "B" rating hits safely 19% and moves the runner 66%; "C" hits safely 14% but still moves the runner over 64% of the time which is virtually the same as a "B" rating. Also as pointed out in this video, hitting against 2004 Randy Johnson or 2014 Johnny Cueto is not a lot of fun.

   So there you have it for this month, my report of the goings on at the USBN Video Channel. Now, if you would like to connect with us or have your own ideas what we should add at our video channel, please feel free to contact me via my email (shown below at the end of this column).

Once again, if you haven't visited our channel, head over to our main page by going to:

Ultimate Strat Baseball Youtube Channel:

   And don't forget to check our channel next month (February 2016) as once again we will have exclusive coverage of "Opening Day 2016" to share with you and all kinds of special interviews from Glen Head, NY, the home of the Strat-o-matic Game Compay.

Till next time,

-- Let them dice roll! 

Marc Wass


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