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Ultimate Strat Baseball presents Bruce Bundy's Projection Sheets
Ultimate Strat Baseball Presents Bundy's 2015 SOM Projection Sheets

Ultimate Strat Baseball - Image of Bundy's 2015 Projection Sheets

Special Announcement for our Members - November 2015

Ultimate Strat Baseball - Bruce Bundy's 2015 Projection Sheets
Ultimate Strat Baseball - Bundy's 2015 SOM Projection Sheets



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(Bruce Bundy has once again formed an alliance with the Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsltr.
to be able to offer to our members this first notice  of his very special
and low priced 2015 SOM Baseball Card Projection Sheets.  Once again
Bruce Bundy has released his unique and special projection sheets
a good 3 months before the new cards are out!!

Please read below for the full details how to obtain
your copy of the Bundy Projection Sheets



Ultimate Strat Baseball- Our advisor the legendary Bruce Bundy
Bruce is a professional musician as well.

A short bio on Bruce Bundy

Bruce has played SOM Baseball since 1970 and loves this game and our great SOM community.  As you will learn in a short interview with Bruce below to introduce you to his SOM Baseball Projection Sheets, he has been involved with studying and creating the formulas which product the baseball cards for many years.

He has supported Glenn Guzzo with articles for his "Strat-Fan SOM Magazine" (the author of the book about SOM) and ran the first official "Strat-o-matic BBS" (computer bulletin board from 1987-1992.  Bruce recruited
Dan Patterson who created the first Official Strat-O-Matic Web Forum (SOM Fan Forum).

Bruce is a proud Strat-O-Matic Beta Tester for many years and he created the official "Pitcher's Hitting Cards" for the game in the 2011 Season. He has supported Len Durrant and Gary Simond with the card making projects as they use his formulas and the recent release by SOM of the first Negro League Teams came from these efforts by Len Durrant.

(Interview with Bruce Bundy by Wolfman Shapiro, newsletter editor)

Wolfman: Bruce, where did the idea for these sheets come from? 

Bruce: My buddy, Mike Meissner, and I, took on the challenge to numerically break down the SOM baseball cards back in high school.  The first formulas probably appeared about 1974.

Wolfman: What is the benefits for an SOM Baseball Gamer to have your sheets? 

Bruce: These sheets (they are Microsoft excel spreadsheets) can give to you a very accurate prediction on what will be on the 2015 SOM Baseball cards that will be released next year in February (2016). With these spreadsheets, you can numerically picture the entire upcoming card set. That gives a fantastic advantage to you over others who do not have this data, can you imagine?

Wolfman: Can you describe for our readers exactly what they will receive in the 2015 SOM Projection sheet package you are offering: 


A. First, they will receive two documents, each that contains a complete explanation of what all the columns represent in the spread sheets (one for the hitter's sheet and one for the pitcher's sheet) and how to interpret the data - most gamers will already have a good idea how to do this but there is some special extra information I give. Everything about the two sheets discussed below is explained. The spreadsheets are driven completely in the background by the formulas I have uncovered. The accuracy of this data is 95% or better.  (These documents are called Legends and come in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

B. Next comes the Hitter's Sheets - Every 2015 SOM hitters' card is included both those cards that will be printed and other cards already released for the computer. Each hitter's card is completed explained numerically.  (Available in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.) - For the 2015 edition, I am providing 3 projection sheets, with the hitters sorted in three different ways (by the best performance of the player or what I call the highest rank, and then sorted similarly by position and rank and then by teams with the highest plate appearances).

C. For the Pitcher's Sheets - every 2015 SOM pitchers' card is included with those cards that will be printed and other cards only released for the computer version. Each pitcher's card is completely explained numerically. (Available in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.) - For the 2015 edition, I am providing 4 projection sheets, with the pitchers sorted in four different ways (by best performance or lowest chances to get on base which again I call the highest rank, relievers by rank, starters by rank and lastly sorted by team by innings pitched).

D. Finally, I am including a Zip file that contains various articles that discuss my formulas - these are the Strat-Fan articles I submitted before which we published where I explained how to create SOM Baseball cards including some diagrams. (Zip file format.)

Wolfman: What specific information do the sheets provide for our members?

Bruce: You will receive the full rating for each player in the new 2015 SOM Card set. For the hitters this includes their real season stats (combined, vs. left and right handed pitching) with all the card ratings (fielding, running, stealing, etc ..) and the percentage on the cards (both for elementary and super advance with the left and right handed sides) for every stats (on base, hits, walks, hr, etc ...). Similar for the pitchers it is the same, the season stats are shown (combined and vs left and right handed hitters) with their ratings and all the card chances for various results (elementary and split in advance by the left and right handed sides) such as walks, strikeout, hits, hr, etc.. Trust me, with these spreadsheets, you will know every aspect of every player in the new card set!

Wolfman: What can you say briefly about the formulas you are using to make these spreadsheets?

Bruce: SOM cards are based upon a combination of linear equations and patterns.  I published 28 interactive formulas (and how to use them) in Strat-Fan Magazine from 1992-95.  They come with this package. The formulas are molded to recreate the SOM model.  It's kind of like having the cards already.  A huge tool for those who want to get a numeric edge.  Len Durrant and Gary Simonds have used my formulas and quite a few other people in the SOM community have seen earlier versions of these spreadsheets since I started to release them in 1992.

Wolfman:  Why are you releasing these special sheets now? What is your
true objective for this?

Bruce: I want to help the SOM Gaming Community. I have released these spreadsheets for the last 20 years, since my articles in the "Strat-Fan Magazine".  They are in spreadsheet form, so that people can learn how to make their own cards if they wish. It's my contribution to our SOM Community, that through these sheets there will be a higher level of knowledge to be had here, which will make for a more intelligent community, that only helps our hobby to become stronger.  I love my hobby!  SOM has given a lot to me, so I'm very very happy to give back!

Wolfman: Is there anything else about the 2015 SOM Projection Sheets which is important to share with our readers that I didn't ask before? 

Bruce: They are not just finished numbers, but are the actual formulas themselves generating predictions based upon the MLB Statistics (for the 2015 season). It is a numerical model - it can be adjusted, new data can be inputted, new parameters created and improved upon.  SOM players pride themselves in their in-depth analysis of baseball numbers. Thus, this model provides the tools needed to do preparation at this very early point of next year's card set season.

Wolfman: Bruce, we thank you for taking the time to explain to us the great value of the Sheets and wish to thank you for sharing with our members this very very special price to get the Sheets and so early after the MLB season has ended so our members have four months to prepare for the new 2015 MLB Baseball cards release next year. Now let us explain to those interested in taking advantage of this very very special offer how to place their order.


As indicated above, we periodically make such special offers only to our members when we release the next official issue of our on-line SOM Baseball newsletter that we offer or through one of the special bulletins we release at various times. If you are not a member of our newsletter, it possible you might never hear about these special offers or hear about them far too late to fully utilize this unique information and insights to help you with your new SOM Baseball League Season or Tournament.

Therefore, since our newsletter is always free, why not join now, it is easy to do. Plus, not only will you always know when these valuable projections sheets are ready but you also have the opportunity to read our great articles and interviews which provide great tips to help your game play as well as the great stories that happen within our community. We have been publishing this newsletter since January of 2013 so you have a lot of great material to read and catch-up with. To sign-up, just go to our home page shown below and fill out our simple on-line sign-up form with your name and email. Head over to:



When you place your order with us via Paypal (this is the only way we have to do these orders at this time. Even if you don't have a paypal account you can still place your order via Paypal using any credit card) - after the order is completed on-line, here is what happens next:

At the time of this offer (middle part of November, 2015), sharing Bundy's updated second edition of the sheets, you will directed after the order is placed to a download page where you can get a copy of the 2015 SOM Hitter's Projection Sheets (3), the 2015 SOM Pitcher's Projection Sheets (4) plus the two documents which define what all the columns represent in the Hitter's and Pitcher's sheet (the legends) along with the special zip file with important articles discussing Mr. Bundy's formulas.

On the download page, we also will give you the option to get all the files Bruce Bundy is offering in this package in one compressed "Zip" file (instead of downloading them individually) or you can just get the 7 projection sheets with the two sheet legends in another compressed Zip file.  Then, as Mr. Bundy has updates to the projection sheets, you will be contacted by email with instructions how to obtain the latest version of the projection sheets.

( Note: - the release of the Bundy Sheets is of course a work in progress, but with the release of the 2nd edition projection sheets, you will have basically all of the key information you need to fully understand what the new SOM baseball cards will look like. You NOW have the chance to peek ahead at the Hitter's and Pitchers Cards, as the Master provides for all us this special information contained within one file... Mr. Bundy is the first person to offer such projections on the new cards coming out next year and this is due to his very elaborate equations that he uses. So take advantage of his extremely low price NOW!! He may never offer this sheets at such a low and affordable price again. )

On the download page, additionally you will find complete and clear instructions how to get a copy of your new files to you computer. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us via our email shown below.  Also for the zip formatted files, if you don't have a free zip program to unzip these compress files, there are directions on the download page how to obtain one of the free zip programs.  It is very easy to uncompress a zip file and get all the individual files (easier to download 1 file then 10 - yes?)

We, working on behalf of our newsletter (USBN) have been granted permission by Mr. Bundy and are responsible for the delivery of the Bundy Projection Sheets. If you have questions or a problem to get these files, please contact us at our email which is shown below:



Ultimate Strat Baseball - Bruce Bundy's 2015 Projection Sheets
Ultimate Strat Baseball - Bundy's 2015 SOM Projection Sheets



Your Price Now is only:
(To order the "2015  Projection Sheets" ,
the 2nd Edition, please click below)

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